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Best Soccer Drills

Soccer drills, soccer gifts, and soccer accessories for kids

Soccer Drills for Kids

Youth soccer is a great sport for kids to get involved in. The sport is simple enough for the general rules and ideas to be understood by younger players, but is challenging enough to hold their interest as they get older.  

Keeping kids safe when playing is an important part of soccer for young players, so it is important that they warm up properly and practice drills often. Giving them the best training they can get is vital to their development as a player.

There are some great soccer drills for young players that will help them gain and improve the skills that they need to play. They are basic enough for kids to do by themselves, but effective enough that they will learn and improve their gameplay.

The best way to start off any soccer drill is with a warm-up. This will help get your blood flowing and prevent any injuries from happening. Here are a few exercises you can do to warm up before a soccer game or practice:

  • Jumping jacks
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Arm circles
  • Cross body arm swings

Once you have finished your warm-up and are feeling loose and ready, it’s time to start the drills!

Soccer Drill: The Passing Drill

  • This drill is best done with a partner. One player will be the passer and the other will be the receiver.
  • The passer will stand about 10 yards away from the receiver and pass the ball to the other player. The receiver will take control of the ball and try to return it to the passer.
  • After each pass, both players switch roles so that player A becomes the receiver and player B becomes the passer.
  • This drill is best done with a smaller group because you can rotate everyone through this drill quickly and easily.

Soccer Drill : The Scrimmage

This drill is best done with a larger group of people. It allows players to face off against each other and test out their skills against someone else, in a game type setting. For this drill, you will need at least 4 goal posts and an even number of players.

To start off, one player will stand at the side of the field and act as a coach. The coach will use their best judgment to split up the players into two even groups. You can also choose captains and draft teams. This can be done by ability, age, size, etc. One team should be deemed “offense” and the other team should be deemed “defense”.

Basic rules of a scrimmage:

  • The ball can be passed in any direction
  • When a player has the ball, they cannot move until they have passed or shot
  • If a player is tackled, they must stop and allow the other team to take possession of the ball

To switch things up, you can create fouls. For example, if a player swings at the ball to kick it but misses then that is considered a foul. There are many different variations of scrimmage drills. This particular one is best suited for younger players.

These are just a few of the best soccer drills for kids. These drills are great at keeping them engaged and having fun while also improving their skills on the field.

These drills can be done by yourself or with a group, it just depends on your space availability and ability to get a partner. As always, safety should be a priority when playing any sport.

Soccer Gifts and Soccer Accessories

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