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Welcome to Soccer Crate

josh soccer crate

Hi! My name is Josh and I'm the founder of Soccer Crate and Plate Crate. I started Plate Crate, a monthly and quarterly baseball subscription box, in 2015 from the back of my SUV while I was playing Independent baseball in the Midwest. I was shocked there was no baseball subscription box on the market and thought, hmm that could be fun. Bought the first round of boxes and branded them with a rubber stamp. I'd come home from practice or a game and finish returning our first customer's emails before I sent out their Plate Crates the following morning. 


We are so proud of our baseball community we decided to bring the same energy and love to other sports. Soccer has always had a special place in my heart after playing for years. It made sense that Soccer would be the next community we'd create. So follow along our journey as we build the best soccer community on Earth. Welcome to Soccer Crate. Now let's get to work.👊🏼

- Josh, Founder